General description of the press-in pile driving unit

  • General description of the press-in pile driving unit

    Press-in pile driving unit (PDP) is used to push in reinforced concrete piles (various cross-sections), pipes and sheet piles of various types and cross-sections.

    The method of using a hydraulic press to sink piles is an original way of constructing pile foundations. The pile is completely pressed into the ground by a static force.

    Static pressure pile driving technology – a new stage in the development of pile foundation technology.

    Scope of application

    The most effective application of PDPs is the construction of extensive pile fields.

    This technology is indispensable in densely built-up and spotty areas, in historic city centres, near dilapidated and emergency buildings, in landslide zones and in other places where pile driving by impact and vibro-dipping is prohibited due to inadmissible dynamic, vibration and noise impacts.

    PDPs work in all types of soil without drilling, except rocky soil. For work on frozen ground, it is necessary to drill the top layer or to push it through with a steel pile.

    Sandy and clay soils are for the most part ideal substrates for machine operation.

    A wide range of PDPs is available, from small machines with an indentation force of 80 tonnes to giant machines with a force of up to 1200 tonnes.


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